Errol Boyley

This very talented man was born in 1918 in Pietermaritzburg. He had a turbulent childhood and lost his mother at an early age, but his passion for drawing lifted him out of his circumstances and turned him into a very successful and well known artist.

Since early childhood he had a love for drawing and at the age of eight he won a scholarship, but at such an early age he found the tech classes rudimentary and skipped them in favour of fishing, another passion he has pursued throughout life

He had an interesting life and at the outbreak of the Second World War at the age of 21 he enrolled in the army. In the army het won some money in a card game and the loser, a fellow soldier, who was a musician and guitar teacher, repaid his debt by teaching Errol to play the guitar. Errol was later discharged from the army due to an erratic heartbeat he began playing guitar for a dance band and by day he attended drawing classes. That was his only formal art training ever.

After a few years Errol gave up everything and moved to Knysna to focus on his painting career. There he met his mentor, another well-known artist WG Wiles. From there his painting career grew fast and in the late sixties he went to live in Ramsgate in Kwazulu- Natal and in 1978 opened the Errol Boyley Gallery. Throughout his life he held several exhibitions and his wife Jocelyn Boyley composed a book of his life called A Celebration of Life. He passed away on 3 April 2007.

He is known for his paintings of landscapes, still life, sea scapes figures and wildlife, but his talents were far beyond. His work achieves certain tranquillity and a convincing feel of light.

His work has found a place in many private homes and public companies in South Africa and throughout the world.