Amos Langdown

AMOS LANGDOWN (1930-2006)…

“When I dip my brush into paint, I dip it into my soul, and he who cannot appreciate this must have a blank in his soul!”

This gifted artist was born in Plettenberg Bay in 1930 as a son of an open ocean whaler who later did ‘odd jobs’ as an income. His dad brought home dirty paint brushes after a day’s work and Amos would then take little bits of this dried paint to paint his earliest paintings as a child. He remembered painting since the age of four sometimes with pieces of charcoal.

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Titta Fasciotti


“His art lights a little candle in the heart.”

Titta Fasciotti was born in Bergamo in Italy in 1927.He had been an artist all his life. His first strokes were taught to him by his fresco-painter and decorator father. At the age of seventeen he studied at the Accademia Carrara Bergamo for four years.

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Adriaan Boshoff


Adriaan Boshoff is known as one of South Africa’s greatest impressionist artists and manages to capture an impression with eye and soul and recreate it into dabs of colour on canvas. He is an expert on colour, being able to create two hundred different colours from three basic colours and developed a perceptive eye to observe colours which most others fail to see.


He portrays everyday scenes in his own unmistakable impressionistic style. His subject matter is landscapes, seascapes and figurative, mostly in oils. Many of his figurative studies portray a romantic-impressionism with a Victorian atmosphere.


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Hennie Niemann senior


The Original Hennie Niemann,


An artist with a passion for paint, movement and colour...

Nestled between the mountains and the Atlantic Ocean in the Overberg, there is an idyllic seaside village called Onrus River. There, in this relaxed and tranquil town you will find the well known artist Hennie Niemann senior.


His paintings are sought after because of his use of glorious, rich colours and his exceptional ability to capture the character, mood and movement of his subjects. He captures the warmth of the African sunlight and the buzz of activity in his environment.


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Hennie Niemann Jnr


(Composed by J Durandt- with acknowledgement to Johans Bornman)

It is such a joy and a privilege to witness any creative process where talent, skill and conceptual ingenuity are applied to produce a unique result that captures our minds and emotions. Art lovers will all agree that it is the mystery of this process and the intrigue of its emotional and psychological impact that provides the excitement and fascination which keeps us coming back for more.


Johans Bornman Fine Art Gallery promoted this very talented painter and well grounded young man’s work for the past 15 years. Hennie’s focus on quality and his commitment to a sustainable long term strategy regarding his output and pricing has served him well.


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