Amos Langdown


He initially studied privately under the guidance of Katherine Harries. In 1961 a solo exhibition in Cape Town earned him a bursary from the Cape Three-Century Foundation and during 1963-64 he furthered his studies at the Rijks Academy in Amsterdam. In 1988 he completed a BA Degree at the University of Port Elizabeth and pursued a long teaching career art advisor in the Southern and Eastern Cape. One of his mentor’s was the well-known poet and author PJ Philander and Langdown illustrated his poem book ‘Die Bruin Kokon’.

He painted in various media, but showed a preference for oil. He loved walking in the wind on the beach and got much of his inspiration form the ordinary, everyday things in life. He managed to capture people with all their emotions of humour and frustrations. He expressed a deep understanding and sympathy for people and events in his surrounding world.

He has participated in various international exhibitions in Europe including the Venice Biennale in Italy and the Sub-Saharan African Exhibition that toured USA for a year. Langdown is one of the acknowledged South African artists. This reflects on the price of his paintings. An oil of 48cmx37cm was sold on auction in Pretoria in February of 2008 for R50 000.

The success of the artist lies in these words. He once said: ‘I paint with the heart… not just with oil’